Half-human Looking Lamb Discovered In South Africa

The elderly people of a remote South African village are convinced that a deformed, ever-born lamb that vaguely resembles a human being was "sent by the devil" and born of bestiality and sorcery.

Found in the agricultural town of Lady Frere, in the South African province, the creature was considered a human part by the superstitious inhabitants. This concept grew as the images of the deformed lamb were covered with social media.

Director General of Veterinary Services in the region, Dr Lubalbalo Mrwebi, confirmed that the lamb resembled a human but was not human.

He concluded that the lamb was infected with Rift Valley fever in early pregnancy.

Rift Valley fever is a viral fever-causing disease, commonly found in areas of East and South Africa and causes many sheep and cattle.

"Deformed lamb has signs that are consistent with early fetal development that went wrong due to a viral infection and nothing more," said Dr. Mrwebi.

"We can confirm that this is not a hoax picture but that the severely deformed lamb was born by a sheep to Lady Frere this week, which at a glance resembles a human form."

According to The Sun, a villager said: "The elders when they saw him said he was sent by the devil and was born after a coupling between a man and a sheep, then there was panic" .

Birth mutations in animals, though rarely, are not unknown. Over the years, the Internet has received many images of deformed animals, two-headed pigs with eight-legged goats. These strange conditions are normally caused by a disease or biological complications in the womb of the mothers.

Veterinary officers in the Cape East Rural Development Department are currently post mortem on lamb and the results will be provided to the citizens of the remote town.
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